• Can I become a webmaster?
    - I'm sorry, but I don't want an another webmaster on this page. It's my small little baby. I hope you can understand that.
  • Since when does the page exist?
    Since 19th. January 2009, online since 28th January 2009
  • With which program do you create your graphics?
    I create them with Photoshop CS4 and Paint
  • Why did you called your website "Salon of Desires"?
    That was the title of the book I was reading quite some time ago. It just stayed in my mind because I liked it that much. Now theres a reason why I can use it.
  • With what do you create your website?
    I create my website on
  • How long does it takes to write an episode?
    That's always different. Sometimes it takes days or weeks, sometimes just a few hours or minutes.
  • With what do you write your episodes?
    I write them in Microsoft Office Word or the normal editor from Windows.

If you got some more questions, feel free to ask me.






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